Water Education Workshop at SOS Village

Following the example of Dar Si Hmad’s project « Water School » in Ait Baamrane primary schools; EYAs broadened the project’s target by bringing it to SOS Children Village in Agadir.

The Water school project is an environmental educational project for youth in southwest Morocco.

Dar Si Hmad’s team implemented the Water School project  in order to help the children of Ait Baamrane villages benefiting from the fog project to cope with the new luxury of water at home, while learning about Morocco’s diverse climate, fauna and flora, through a series of seven classes on ecologically-sound water practices, developed into a curriculum of adapted hands on-activities that stimulate children’s curiosity and learning lust, based on the 4 pillars of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

Following that of Ait Baamrane, The Water School at SOS Children Village consisted of one Saturday afternoon session with 40 kids, aged between 6 and 10 years old.

EYAs selected Lesson 6 of the WS curriculum: Water for Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).

The activities of the session aimed to draw the children’s attention to germs; their existence, how they spread, the causes of contagion, before showing them the proper methods to wash their hands using soap and water.

The activities focused also on the importance of handwashing after and before specific activities every day, in order to avoid contagion.

As the curriculum is based on STEAM concept, SOS Village children learned proper use of water for sanitation and hygiene using microscopes and magnifying lenses to explore the miniscule world around them, their teamwork skills by helping each other wash their hands, their artistic minds to represent their interpretation of germs contagion, and EYAs example to commit to sharing their knowledge about proper sanitation practices with their community.


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