EYA at Mediterranean Academy for Youth

Last week, from 21st to 26th August 2016, team members Abdelhaq Ait Boulhous and Mahdi Lafram attended the Mediterranean Academy for Youth organised by Forum Mediterranean des Jeunes (FOMEJE) in Asilah, Morocco. The camp had four main themes: Democratic Participation, Youth Diplomacy, No Hate Speech and Sustainable Development & Climate Change (COY12/COP22).

In relation with Environmental Youth Ambassadors (EYA) scope of work, sustainable development and climate change, the Conference of Youth (COY12) and Coalition Marocaine pour la Justice Climatique teams hosted various presentations and workshops about the current developments regarding COY12, climate change and the essential role of youth in influencing environmental policies. Besides, Abdelhaq and Mahdi has been invited to participate in the Conference of Youth (COY12) which will be held next November in Marrakech.

Many thanks to Isbouia Yassine, FOMEJE team and their partners for making such a successful youth camp.


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