Clean & Green: Cleaning Campaign in Paradise Valley

Colorful landscapes, palm-lined canyon and a flowing river snacking along its base: This is Paradise Valley, a wonderful natural site in the Moroccan High Atlas mountains, located approximately 20 km North of Agadir. Regrettably, this magical place faces critical environmental issues.

Last August 1st, 2016, Dar Si Hmad’s Environmental Youth Ambassadors (EYA) and two staff members along with several dedicated volunteers, organized a cleaning activity in the Valley to help remedy its environmental situation under the theme “Clean & Green”.

Under the mentorship and supervision of Salah and Maisie, our new Ethnographic Field School Manager, Environmental Youth Ambassadors and the volunteers separated into two groups after getting safety instructions and required materials from Dar Si Hmad staff members.


With energy, passion and dedication, volunteers started to collect various type of waste and clean different places. The amount of trash was significantly considerable, however, volunteers did their best and collected as much trash as they can despite the difficult weather conditions. In fact, the collected items ranged from paper, glass and metal to plastic and food waste.


The journey was arduous but satisfying. Every participant felt aware about the central aspect of environment conservation as well as the serious consequences of human activities on nature. Not to mention to the positive feedback and encouragements got from tourists and local people. From Dar Si Hmad, and the Environmental Youth Ambassadors, thank you for everyone who contributed to the success of this campaign.


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