EYA at Mediterranean Youth Climate Forum (MYCF)

Last Sunday, August 17th, 2016, team member Mahdi Lafram proudly represented Dar Si Hmad’s Environmental Ambassadors (EYA) program at Mediterranean Youth Climate Forum (MYCF) that took place in Tangier, Morocco which had as purpose to connect young organizations and individuals engaged in civil society, entrepreneurship and politics from all the Mediterranean region, working on climate change issues.

MYCF (3)nnDuring this conference, Mahdi had the opportunity to attend high-level panels discussions and participate in instructive thematic workshops. In addition to that, the Forum was a great platform to discuss environment and climate change issues with fellow local and international participants.

Among prominent speakers were Mr. Idriss El Yazami, COP22’s Head of Civil Society Activities, Mr. Timothy Damon, YOUNGO Focal Point to the UNFCCC and Mr. Ilyas El Omari, Chairman of the Regional Council Tangiers-Tétouan-Al Hoceima. Engaging workshops were led by ClimateTracker.org and 350.org team around “How to Change The World With a Laptop: Become a Climate Journalist” and “Mobilizing Communities for Change: Challenges & Opportunities” respectively. The Forum witnessed the drafting and presentation of the first Mediterranean Youth Climate Network Charter by Founding Associations members.

Special thanks to Dar Si Hmad for their encouragements and generous support for sponsoring our participation to the Mediterranean Youth Climate Forum (MYCF).


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