EYAs First Community Event: Film & Ftour

On the evening of Sunday, 3 July, 2016, the Environmental Youth Ambassadors organised their first community event: Film & iftar. Around 40 people from Agadir gathered at Dar Si Hmad (DSH) office to share a collective Ramadan iftar meal. Following iftar, the audience listened to DSH RISE alumna Samia Gouaalla  share her inspiring experience meeting with the First Lady of the United States Ms. Michelle Obama in Marrakech the week prior.

The audience watched the projection of a series of films shot and edited by the EYAs about their experience participating in Dar Si Hmad’s Water School and Fog Project. These films reflected  the journalism training that was part of the EYA program. The first film was a short presentation about the program and its objectives, the second one named “Being Part Of The Nature” reported team experience and visit to the Water school and Fog project with Dar Si Hmad  in Southwest Morocco .EYAs Finished the series by short video about climate change and wrapped up the event by leading a discussion about the environmental issues approached in the films with their colleagues and peers in the audience.



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