The Water Song

Raising awarness to the pressing issues of environement around us does not necessarily call for great acts, events or manifastation.

In fact, environement advocacy can be achieved through simple but impactful acts, taking the shape of a drawing, a hashtag, a story or few lines of poetry.

Rkia, our poetry enthusiast, deems it only rightful to express the crown of life that is Water, through Poetry, the crown of litterature.

As an Environemental Youth Ambassador, she is setting the exapmle with her poem in order to ignite conversation among her peers and fellow youth conveying her passion for poetry.

She approched Water using the magic of words and ryhms to produce this amazing masterpiece :

” Life without water
Is an ….Euh!!
A chaos
A dessert
No flowers, no sunset during spring
No daffodils, no butterflies
Even some fresh air
No snow to play with
No rain to walk in
With my little sister
No cold to feel
No sea, no clean ocean
No beautiful sun in the summer
No colorful image
Life ain’t be a life
So save it,
Give it a try
Life without water…
What it would be like?! “




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